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I created this blog as a way to "Keep up with the Joneses"! We feel so blessed to get to spend everyday together and my hope is that this blog is a way for us to look back and remember our journey together! I know this will evolve and I cannot wait to see what it turns in to. I have recently added my side business on to the blog. I taking a leap of faith with my photography and cannot wait to see what happens. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

God is so good and to him I give all the Glory. This week  I am thankful for....

1.This weekend I get to celebrate my favorite person's birthday! Jeffrey turns 26 on Sunday and we have a fun filled weekend planned! (post to come)

2. I got to have a week day dinner date with my best friend and accountability partner Krista (it is nice to have someone to question, challenge and encourage me in my goals and walk with Jesus)

3. That throughout all the craziness of the semester I managed to keep my 4.0 (not trying to brag) this school year has been crazy to say the least (getting married, changing careers, being a newly wed) and I managed to keep my grades up. Only 12 hours left until graduation!

4. Only 13 work days left until Summer vacation

5. A game of kickball we played with a bunch of Colleyville/Grapevine YL kids on Monday night (that I am still sore from.. can you say out of shape?)
Headed to Kickball! 

6. Bonus this week: I am extra thankful to have three weeks off of going to classes to just enjoy life

Thankful for the life God has blessed me with,


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