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I created this blog as a way to "Keep up with the Joneses"! We feel so blessed to get to spend everyday together and my hope is that this blog is a way for us to look back and remember our journey together! I know this will evolve and I cannot wait to see what it turns in to. I have recently added my side business on to the blog. I taking a leap of faith with my photography and cannot wait to see what happens. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend was fun filled, busy and productive! It started off with Annie and I hitting the road to Waco. We got there in time to have dinner at Georges with Jeffrey, James, Krista and Lauren. It was so great to be back on the patio at Georges. It was also weird to not really know anyone there on a Friday night (missing college for a few moments). We then got back in our car for another 30 minute drive to Moody, Texas to watch Nathan's basketball team. Even though they didn't take away a W it was great to see him coach! Here's some pics from the night (notice Annie broke into a school bus)

We then said good-bye to Annie and Nathan and headed to Mansfield to spend the night with the Jeffrey's. We had a very relaxing Saturday morning: working out, eating donuts, running errands, cheering for the bears and cooking lunch. Then Jeffrey and I headed home to start getting ready to put some finishing touches on our house! Below are some preview pictures of some of the projects we are working on at our first home. I will post the finish products as soon as I get them done! Hope you enjoy!

           This is our wedding song lyrics put onto canvas that will go into a huge frame (more pics later)

        Wedding photos that I turned into DIY canvas. They will also go in a frame (pics to come)

 The new table we bought at the dump, the window from Junque in the Trunk..lots more to do!

                                         The start of our J wall which is now I on the wall :) 

                                                    Cute new fridge magnet from my mom!

                                               Burlap throw pillow for our bed!

Then sadly Jeffrey had to leave for Minnesota for the week to work. I decided I did not like to stay alone so I packed my bags and came to stay with my mom. We ran errands all afternoon and had our own super bowl party complete with snacks, a fire and a break to watch our wedding video which we got today. Side note: If you ever question whether or not to record your wedding DO IT! To see our highlight video look on my fb for the link I posted earlier. We made Onion soup, pimento cheese and popcorn! It was just the two of us and we had a great relaxing evening together. I hope that everyone else had a great first weekend of February. Until next time remember to count your blessings always!



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