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I created this blog as a way to "Keep up with the Joneses"! We feel so blessed to get to spend everyday together and my hope is that this blog is a way for us to look back and remember our journey together! I know this will evolve and I cannot wait to see what it turns in to. I have recently added my side business on to the blog. I taking a leap of faith with my photography and cannot wait to see what happens. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Our First Garden

So our sweet friends The Garcia's (Patrick, Savannah and John Ryman) came over for dinner last friday night. They brought me such a cool birthday gift.. fresh plants (basil, mint and lavender to be exact).. such a creative/thoughtful gift. Not surprising though because Savannah is both of those things. You should check out her blog at 

The beginning of our GARDEN: 

She suggested we just plant them in some bigger pots so that they could start to grow. Jeffrey and I have been looking for something to do together outside so we decided that this could be the beginning of our garden. Saturday rolled around and we headed to Walmart to grab potting soil, some gardening tools, pots (green and gold for our Baylor pride) and decided to pick up some flowers to throw in some color to our new garden. We headed home and hit the ground running. It turned out to be super easy, quick and a lot of fun. We had a great afternoon doing this together and are excited to see it grow (hopefully). Who knows next year maybe it will expand into an even bigger garden! I will keep you posted on how it goes! Below are some pictures from the process..hope you enjoy! Thank you Savannah for helping us get this started! 

Their First Watering 

Final Product..Lets see how it grows! 

Thankful for our new garden, 


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  1. you are so sweet! the garden looks great- love the flowers!!