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I created this blog as a way to "Keep up with the Joneses"! We feel so blessed to get to spend everyday together and my hope is that this blog is a way for us to look back and remember our journey together! I know this will evolve and I cannot wait to see what it turns in to. I have recently added my side business on to the blog. I taking a leap of faith with my photography and cannot wait to see what happens. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer Table Fun

Since having a home with Jeffrey setting our table for different seasons has been something I have really enjoyed. It might also be because we were blessed beyond belief with beautiful serving pieces from our wedding. Some of my favorite dishes were our FIESTA! I know they have been around forever, but I love them just the same. I hope to have a huge collection someday. I got a great start! I knew I would use it to set my table for summer because the colors were so bright and fun. I also knew that they would come in very handy at the Jones First Annual Fiesta for our community group. My mom and sister gave up their Saturday to help me set the perfect summer table and to prepare for my fiesta (that will get a separate post once it happens). I modeled it off a picture from pinterest (of course) and am still missing one of the elements, tissue paper flowers, but those will be added before the fiesta and before our fun visitors for May aka The Jones family arrives. Hope my table makes you smile as much as it does me.

     And just for fun here is a picture of my sister and I doing authentic Fiesta shopping in IRVING!!!

Thankful for beautiful tables, 


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